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Stargaze Protocol is committed creating a cross-chain ecosystem for helping investors growth wealth, via products such as passive index funds, yield generation, and stablecoins.

Stargaze Protocol is managed by the holding company, Stargaze Orion -- owners of $STGO on the Ethereum chain are governance and owners of the overall treasury. On each specific chain, there are sub-committees of governance.

In summary:

  • Stargaze Orion: STGO on Ethereum = Holding Company Governance for all Chains
  • Stargaze Altair: STGA on Binance Smart Chain = Governance for all Binance Smart Chian
  • Stargaze Roadmap#2: Second Chain = Governance for all Second Chain
  • Stargaze Roadmap#3: Third Chain = Governance for all Third Chain

If you'd like to benefit from all chains simultaneously, then you want $STGO.

If you want to benefit from a specific chain, such as Binance Smart Chain, then you want $STGA.

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